Ground Rules

Rules & Chores Checklist

  • No Smoking inside R barn
  • Respect R Barn like it’s your own property
  • No Confetti or glitter inside or outside the barn
  • No straw, hay, fog or silly string inside the barn
  • Set up, take down. & clean up
  • Put everything back where you found it
  • Wipe down counters, tables & chairs
  • Clean bathroom & bathroom trash
  • Sweep floors & mop if needed
  • Take all trash/recyclables with you
  • Let us know if something breaks
  • Turn off window AC/heat (x2), lights, & all ovens
  • Double check everything to make sure it’s clean, even cigarette butts outside
  • Put away all yard games under the lean to
  • Be responsible & accountable
  • Have fun & make good memories

(Bottles & Cans can be left as a donation for programs)

Thank you for your cooperation, it’s greatly appreciated!